Top Choppers: 15 High-Flying Helicopter Designs & Drones

Rescue Transportation Helicopter

Helicopters Rescue

This disaster-specific transport carrier was envisioned by Taiwanese designers to be used in conjunction with a truck to provide fast delivery of resources and quick transport of injured victims in the event of a major catastrophe. The surplus energy generated by the turbine-powered helicopter can be converted into electricity to run the truck.

Zero Helicopter

Helicopters Zero

This intriguing concept by Hector del Amo is a minimalist design for one with a circular cockpit. The ultramodern helicopter design is nice and compact, an intriguing basis for personal aircraft of the future.

Micro Helicopter Helicar Concept

Helicopters Helicar

The Transformer HeliCar looks similar to the Zero, and adds a really cool extra function: it transforms from a car to a helicopter and back again for versatility in bad traffic situations. Designed by Emreh Pelevan, the micro helicopter/car has two large wheels on either side with blades that fold up out of the way when in road mode.

Single Seat Helicopter Design

Helicopters Single Seat 1

Helicopters Single Seat

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could own a helicopter that’s not much larger than a motorcycle? That’s the idea behind this single-seater by Igarashi Design.

Unmanned Dolphin-Inspired Helicopter

Helicopters Unmanned Dolphin

Take aerial photos, deliver packages or just have fun watching this unmanned Swiss helicopter design zoom around in the sky. The design of the NEO S-300 was inspired by the bodies of dolphins, with streamlined bodies and noses strong enough to carry various electronics.