Pet Tech: 13 Goofy Gadgets For The Dogs (& Cats)

Remote Pet Feeder

Remote Pet Feeder

Working late or running errands during your pet’s dinner time? There’s a gadget (and yes, app) for that. The Remote Pet Feeding & Viewing Camera Kit comes with a webcam and automated feeder that spits out food whenever you direct it to, no matter where you are.

Treadmill for Dogs

Pet Tech Canine Treadmill

Dogs get overweight just like humans, and conditions aren’t always ideal for long walks, especially during winter. So perhaps it’s no surprise that dog treadmills exist in a variety of forms and sizes. Of course, you have to actually train your dog to run on this thing – many come with DVDs that’ll show you how.

Go-Go Dog Pals

Pet Tech GoGo Dog Pals

If you can’t actually run around with your dog (due to an injury, for instance, or simple laziness) you can get a robot to do it for you. The Go-Go Dog Pal is a wireless remote-control dog toy with four-wheel drive that can go up to 22 miles per hour.

Litter Robot

Pet Tech Litter Robot

Nobody likes maintaining a litter box, so we can be excused for wishing a robot would do the nasty work for us. The Robo is a little more involved than typical self-cleaning litter boxes; it’s got a cute robot shape, a carbon filter, waste drawer and even a skylight.

Solar-Powered Cat Toy

Pet Tech Solar Chaser

Cats seem to have boundless energy and enthusiasm when it comes to those toys that dangle from the ends of sticks. Let the sun do the work for you with the Solar Chaser, which comes with a solar panel affixed to suction cups to fling the toy around.

Canine Stair Lift

Pet Tech Canine Stair Lift

Is your poor pup too fat to get up the stairs? Never fear, there’s a dog version of those mechanical stair lifts for elderly and disabled people. ‘Stair of the Dog 2022‘ has a plastic basket to haul overweight dogs up stairs. This prototype is actually meant to poke a little fun at our habit of overfeeding and under-working our pets, but anyone who’s ever had to haul an elderly dog (or a fat one with short legs) up the stairs might actually wish for their own.