Shabby Cabbie: 15 Abandoned Taxis & Cab Graveyards

National Lampoon’s South African Vacation

abandoned minibus taxi cab Drakensberg South Africa(image via: BBC News)

Who was driving this cab, Clark Griswold? “While touring through the Drakensberg in South Africa,” relates photographer Friedrich Mulke, “I came across this old minibus taxi abandoned in a ditch next to the road.” Cool if you’re a photographer, uncool if you’re trying to hail a cab in the Drakensberg.

Broken In Hoboken

Superstorm Sandy flood taxi cabs Hoboken New Jersey(image via:

You’d be forgiven for assuming the image above was taken just after Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami back in 2011, but the truth is much closer to home… if your home is in New Jersey. Blame Superstorm Sandy, which struck the eastern seaboard of the United States in late October of 2012 bringing death, destruction and a LOT of water from rainfall and storm surges off the Atlantic Ocean.

Superstorm Sandy flood abandoned taxi cabs Hoboken New Jersey(images via: USA Today, MSN UK and SMH/Mike Groll)

The term “taxi fleet” took on a new and ominous meaning as Sandy’s floodwaters began to recede. This waterlogged lot stored dozens of new taxicabs destined for the streets of New York though the cost of repairing the damage will certainly delay their deployment at best; or force a percentage to be trashed at worst.

Out Of Luck Tuk-Tuk

abandoned tuk-tuk taxi cab Kannur India(image via: Flashpacking Around The World)

Resting (and rusting) peacefully in an overgrown forest clearing, this two-stroke tuk-tuk taxicab from the southwestern Indian city of Kannur has carried its last passenger and will belch blue oily smoke no more. Kudos to photographer Craig Hickson of Flashpacking Around The World for the evocative image above.

Brooklyn Codger

abandoned Checker cab Brooklyn NYC(images via: Violette79)

Nothing spells New York like a genuine Checker cab! This rare survivor of the Great Cab Wars now huddles alone and lonely on a quiet Brooklyn street. New York City’s notoriously persistent parking cops, caring nothing for history, have disrespected the old Checker by ticketing it. Da noive! Full credit to Flickr user Violette79 for these ethereal nighttime images.

Michigan Ragged

abandoned taxi cab Detroit(images via: Detroit Liger)

An abandoned cab in a near-abandoned city? It could only be Detroit. Full credit to Flickr user Detroit Liger (Robert Monaghan) for snapping this sorely deteriorated taxi on a frigid February day in 2009. What are the odds the cab’s still there?