A Different Angle: 15 Great Geometric Home Accessories

DIY Geometric Paper Ornament Set

Geometric Home Paper Ornaments

Create a festive atmosphere stylishly with a set of 8 paper polyhedra templates from New York-based Field Guide Design, $25. The set is pre-cut and scored with strings attached and arrives flat-packed; just add adhesive and fold together.

Young House Love Geometric Ceiling Light

Geometric Home Young House Love

Young House Love offers this clean-lined, diamond-shaped ceiling light (perfectly accompanied by a vintage-style Edison bulb), $79.

Boom Boom Wireless Smart Speaker by Mathieu Lehannur

Geometric Home Boom Boom Speaker

The geometric Boom Boom wireless smart speaker by Mathieu Lehanneur for Binauric is just as much a sculptural personal accessory as it is an electronic gadget. The bluetooth device has an integrated touchpad, soft silicon facade and an audio jack cable that doubles as a handle.

Platonic Solids Paperweights by Black Sheep + Prodigal Sons

Geometric Home Platonic Paperweights

Use this decorative set of Platonic Solids shapes by Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons as paperweights or just inspirational objects to display. They’re available individually, or as a set.

Triangular Crystal Collection Shelves by Stone and Violet

Geometric Home Stone and Violet

The wooden triangle shelves by Stone and Violet come either empty or full of hand-selected crystals, and can be used individually or put together into more complex shapes. Grab them fast when they’re available – these highly sought-after objects sell out quickly.