Compact Cooking: 15 Modular & Multipurpose Kitchen Designs

Lift Modular Kitchen

Modular Lift Kitchen 1

Modular Kitchens Lift 2

Slide cabinets, cooktops, the oven, the refrigerator and other appliances and components around on a wall to create the perfect compact kitchen, and then put them all back together again when you’re done to save space. The ‘Lift’ concept by Michel Cornu can be closed up into a sideboard when not in use, hiding clutter.

Cookplat Portable Pyrex Cooking Surface

MOdular Kitchen CookPlat 1

Modular Kitchen CookPlat 2

Magnetic induction technology produces the heat you need to cook on the CookPlat vitroceramic surface, eliminating heating modules to reduce energy loss. Fully waterproof so it can be put in the dishwasher or used outdoors, the system can be configured for different uses and taken on the go.

Electrolux Rendez-vous: Table Becomes a Kitchen

Modular Kitchens Rendezvous 1

MOdular Kitchens Rendez-vous 2

Set a special corresponding pot or blender onto the smart surface of this table, and like magic, you’ll be able to power it up or start cooking. The Electrolux Rendez-vous allows you to prepare a meal and entertain at the same time. Hidden within the table base is a refrigerator and oven, and the surface is covered in coking zones with inductive and sensor technologies.

InFold Touch-Sensitive Foldaway Kitchen

Modular Kitchens InFold

Modular Kitchens InFold 2

Adjustable chairs, counters of various heights, cooking plates, ovens and more fold out of the wall and floor with the Electrolux ‘InFold’ kitchen. While it’s not clear exactly how elements like the oven and dishwasher can disappear entirely into a wall that doesn’t look more than a foot deep, it’s cool to imagine being able to make virtually everything in the kitchen disappear when it’s not needed without taking up a lot of floor space.

Faucet Modular Tiles for the Kitchen or Bathroom

Modular Kitchen Faucet 1

Modular Kitchens Faucet 2

Hide your kitchen faucet, dish soap, dish drying rack and more away within the tiles of the kitchen wall with this concept by Daniela Bekerman. The modular tiles packed with all of these extra functions can be installed alongside conventional tile in your own custom arrangement.