Compact Cooking: 15 Modular & Multipurpose Kitchen Designs

Kit-Cub Kitchen

Modular Kitchens Kit Cub

This all-in-one standalone kitchen design consists of stacked rectangular forms containing the oven, stove, cabinets, sink, refrigerator, microwave, garbage bin and two water tanks – one providing freshwater, the other collecting graywater.

Fulcrum Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchens Fulcrum

It’s easy to imagine this sleek wall-mounted modular kitchen design in studio apartments, offices and other spaces where efficiency is more important than the ability to prepare a gourmet meal. ‘Fulcrum’ by Surbhi Singhal was designed for the 2011 Electrolux Design Lab.

Modular Fridge, Cooking Space & Dining Combo

Modular Kitchens Fridge Cooking Dining

An L-shaped cooking space slides out from between food storage containers in this refrigerator-cooktop-dining combo by Jin-seok Kwon and Hosuk Jihyun. You can even take a seat on the floor and use a pull-out table surface to dine.

VIA Modular Cooking Concept by Buse Üstün

Modular Kitchen VIA

Take out only what you need to prepare any given meal with the VIA countertop kitchen concept, which hides away a griddle, grill and induction cooking modules into a super-compact unit. Just hook the needed modules onto the sides of the unit, and then pack them back away when you’re done.

Tabletop Cooking Modules

Modular Kitchens Table Cooking 1

Modular Kitchens Table Cookign 2

A set of standalone cooking elements pack up no larger than a stack of dinner plates with this Electrolux concept by Chris Fox. The ‘social cooking grill’ makes it easy to prepare meals right at the dinner table with various cooking components that can be connected together and spread across the surface when in use, and then placed within a handy cradle. The whole set is powered by a single cord.