Hover Houses: 12 Cliff-Clinging Homes with a View

Modern Madrid Cliff Home
Hanging Houses Madrid 1

Hanging Houses Madrid 2

Another cantilevered Madrid home takes a different approach with a rectilinear metal-clad design, forming a giant box that extends over the hillside. Architect Arturo Franco explains that he took his inspiration from “an iron structure like those of the visionary Russian Constructivists, a work by Tony Carr, a chair by Shapiro, a piece by Max Hill; something heavy and light at the same time; gravity, an issue; the scale, an instrument to work with; a large table or a small ship.”

Modern Beach Cliff House, Australia
Hanging Houses Mirage 3

Australia Beach Cliff House 3

Australia Beach Cliff House 2

Australia Beach Cliff House 1

Looking out over the jagged cliffs of Dover Heights on the coast of Australia, Holman House by Durbach Block Jaggers Architects features living and dining areas that cantilever out over the sea. The lower level is built into the rough stone walls of the cliff.

House on Cliffside by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos
Hanging Houses Silvestre 4

Hanging Houses Silvestre 3

Hanging Houses Silvestre 2


A steep plot and desire to contain most of the home on just a single level led to this monolithic design in Alicante, Spain by Fran Silvestre Architects. Stairs lead from the clean white residence to a swimming pool overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Casa 11 Mujeres by Mathias Klotz
Hanging House Casa 11 1

Hanging House Casa 11 2

Hanging House Casa 11 3

A family with eleven daughters wished for a holiday home on a cliffside overlooking Santiago in Chile. The result, Casa 11 Mujeres, is built on a 45-degree slope with a cantilevered volume that makes it seem as if you’re floating on air. Shared spaces like a game room and TV room are located within the plinth, while the intermediate level contains the bedrooms of the eleven daughters and the upper levels contain the master bedroom, living room and dining room.