Surreal World: 14 Reality-Bending Mirror Art Installations

Mirror Labyrinth by Jeppe Hein

Mirror Art Labyrinth 1

Mirror Art Jeppe Hein 2

Mirror Art Jeppe Hein 3

Vertical slices of mirror installed in the woods or grassy areas of public parks in freestanding circles or rows reflect the viewers, their surroundings and adjacent mirrors for a disorienting effect. Each of Jeppe Hein’s mirror installations presents a fragmented view of a space, making it feel strange and unfamiliar.

Mirrored Street Facade Turns Pedestrians into Acrobats

Mirror Art Street Facade 1

Mirror Art Street Facade 2

A giant mirror installed adjacent to a faux facade makes it look as if passersby are clinging to the side of a building like acrobats. The optical illusion installation by Leandro Erlich enabled visitors to sit, stand or lie down and look up at their own reflections on the wall to see themselves seemingly dangling or defying gravity.

Invisible Fence: Reflective Border Transforms Landscape

Mirror Art Picket Fence 1

Mirror Art Picket Fence 2

You might not even notice that anything is unusual in the field outside the Storm King Arts Center as you pass – unless you happen to notice an unusual glimmer. The Mirror Fence project by Alyson Shotz aims to “give form to the invisible forces of nature,” creating an invisible border that subtly distorts the landscape from afar.

Mirrored Barn is Almost Entirely Camouflaged

Mirror Art Barn 1

Mirror Art Barn 2

The only things that make it apparent that this structure even exists in three-dimensional space are the cut-outs revealing the landscape behind it. Created for the 2014 Folly Competition, the mirrored barn actually isn’t even a real building with four walls; it’s essentially a facade, adding to the illusion.

Mirror Lab 2.1 by VAV Architects

Mirror Art Gate 1

MIrror Art Gate 2

Where does that intriguing archway lead? Approaching the Bridge de Sant Roc in Olot, Spain, you might spot lush greenery or an eerie, otherworldly ring of light. Get closer and you’ll see a person who looks a lot like you walking toward you. Of course, what you’re really looking at is a mirror, installed by VAV Architects, which pivots so you can push past it and explore what’s actually on the other side.