Taken by the TSA: 13 Strange Items Confiscated at Airports

Scooby Doo Razor Blades

TSA Confiscated Scooby Doo Razor Blades

Who would guess that behind Scooby Doo’s goofy expression on a cardboard greeting card was a set of utility blades? They might have gotten away with it if not for those pesky TSA agents.

Sword Hidden in a Cane

TSA Confiscated Cane Sword

TSA Confiscated Cane Swords 2

People must think they’re mighty clever when hobbling through the airport on a cane that’s actually concealing a sword. Too bad security officials have seen it all before, dozens of times over. On the TSA blog you can view a rather astonishing assortment of cane swords representing just a fraction of those that have been confiscated over the last few years.

Birds in His Pants

TSA Confiscated Birds in Pants

People try all sorts of strange tricks to get wildlife and pets through airport security, like this guy who thought it was a good idea to wrap a couple pigeons in some newspaper and stuff them down his pants.

Lipstick Taser

TSA Confiscated Lipstick Taser

It’s not hard to understand why a woman traveling alone might want to transport some sort of self-defense tool, and this bejeweled pink lipstick case concealing a taser is admittedly pretty clever.