Transforming Houses: 13 Homes Slide, Unfold, Spin & Expand

Convertible DIY Japanese Camper

Transforming Houses Japanese Camper

A metallic truck that doesn’t stand out much from any other vehicle on the road becomes a two-story residence at the push of a button. A crew of friends used a hydraulic lift system to create a mobile home with a zen loft space that offers plenty of room to relax while still being compact enough for travel on the highways.

The Safe House by KWK Promes

Transforming Houses Safe House 1

Transforming Houses Safe House 2

If there’s ever a serious emergency – like, say, the fabled zombie apocalypse – this house would be a pretty comforting place to be. The Safe House by KWK Promes has movable walls and only one entrance when all closed up, located on the second floor and accessible only via drawbridge. The clients wanted a “feeling of maximum security,” and they certainly can get that, but the house is still highly comfortable and livable when its guard is down.

Shape-Shifting Shadowboxx by Olson Kundig Architects

Transforming Houses Shadowboxx 1

Transforming Houses Shadowboxx 2

Transforming Houses Shadowboxx 3

The shape-shifting Shadowboxx House by Olson Kundig Architects features an operable roof that opens to expose the entire interior to the elements. The slatted wood facade, along with the inner glazed walls, can be opened as well to blur the boundaries between outdoors and in.

Dumpster Transforms into a Home

Transforming Houses Dumpster 1

Transforming Houses Dumpster 2

A dumpster sounds like the worst possible place you could end up living, yet one designer imagined how it could actually offer safe and comfortable lodging with all the comforts you’d need in a tiny home. Gregory Kloehn transformed an ordinary dumpster into a living space complete with a working kitchen and toilet, storage and sleeping areas, and even modular components on the exterior that offer a rooftop deck, outdoor shower, flower bed, grill and bar.