Boom To Bust: 10 Abandoned Fireworks Stores & Stands

Boom City Or Bust

abandoned Boom City fireworks store stand Remington IN 1

abandoned Boom City fireworks store stand Remington IN 2

Long-time Flickr user Robby Virus brings us this magnificently decrepit abandoned fireworks stand/store in Remington, Indiana. Snapped for posterity on August 18th of 2013, the former Boom City Fireworks may have succeeded a failed Stuckey’s restaurant, giving new meaning to the concept of spicy food.

Service Re-Fused

abandoned fireworks store Port Royal VA

Panoramio user R.W. Dawson brings us the above deserted fireworks store in Port Royal, VA. Looking decidedly un-firework-y perhaps due to the time of year (snowy early February), the store seems to have failed in its off-season efforts to flog gifts and souvenirs. One might say their business… fizzled out.


abandoned fireworks shack stand Allendale SC

Looking for fireworks at the best prices in all the wrong places? Then you’ve probably come across the above whitewashed wooden stand located off U.S. Route 29 in Allendale, about 8 miles west of Anderson, South Carolina. Flickr user Bill Herndon arrived at the pretty but lonely shack back on May 10th of 2010 and, unable to purchase fireworks at the best (or at ANY) prices, had to settle for snapping the shack with his trusty Olympus E-620. That’ll teach ’em!