All Washed Up: 11 Abandoned Coin Laundries & Laundromats

Esplain, Lucy!

abandoned Lucy's Laundromat Omaha

Things won’t ever be the same in North Omaha, Nebraska now that Lucy’s abandoned her laundromat at 4134 Hamilton and moved on to greener pastures. If said meadows are as verdant as the sign on the ex-laundry’s whitewashed wall, she’ll do very well indeed. Kudos to All That Does Not Glitter for the above image, snapped on October 26th of 2013.


abandoned U.We.Wash laundromat Tecopa

abandoned Tecopa laundromat truck

abandoned U.We.Wash laundromat Tecopa 2

The abandoned U.We.Wash laundromat in the California high desert town of Tecopa Hot Springs is a popular subject for just-passin’-thru photographers, part of its appeal being the equally abandoned ’51 Ford pickup truck parked outside. Where’s the truck’s owner… not to mention his laundry?

Village Clean Preservation Society

abandoned laundromat East Village NYC

abandoned laundromat East Village NYC 3

abandoned laundromat East Village NYC 2

A long-abandoned look and isolated block in New York’s East Village is undergoing a facelift as a 13-floor residential building is set to occupy several addresses including that of an overgrown field and a laundromat abandoned for so long no one knows its original name.

Bubbles, Is That You?

abandoned trailer park laundromat

Ricky, Julian and Bubbles act like low-down dirty scoundrels at times but they never actually look dirty… why is that? We’re guessing they made good use of Sunnyvale Trailer Park’s official laundromat, that’s why! And if you’re wondering just what a trailer park laundromat might look like, well feast your eyes on the supposedly abandoned Trailer Park Laundromat in “now-defunct” Mountain City, Nevada. Don’t ask us what happened to the trailer park itself. Kudos to Flickr user Devon Blunden (Uncle Bumpy), who in addition to snapping the epic photo above, informs us the October 2009 population of Mountain City, NV is “you”, you low-down dirty scoundrel.