Ultra-Compact Stairs: 12 Next-Level Space-Saving Designs

Telescopic Steel Stairs
Compact Stairs Telescopic Steel

These unusual-looking telescoping stairs from Calvert USA unfold in an accordion-like fashion to take up the least amount of space possible, and can be used in wall-mounted applications as well as for attic openings.

Wall-Mounted Tiny House Staircase
Compact Stairs Wall Mounted

The designers of the Oakland Tiny House stress the importance of leaving empty space in even the smallest of interiors. That’s why they chose to use an extremely narrow wall-mounted staircase that looks sort of like it’s floating, taking up less space physically than a more conventional staircase but also visually.

Alternating Treads in a Corner of a Tiny House
Compact Stairs Alternating Treads Tiny House

An extremely narrow space in the ‘Nook’ tiny house concept is still enough for stairs to get up to the loft thanks to an alternating tread design that also incorporates storage.

Modern Alternating-Tread Staircase
Compact Stairs Modern Alternating Treads 1

Compact Stairs Modern Alternating Treads 2

It’s a shame that this cool modern design for alternating tread stairs by Lapayre Stair isn’t legal and can’t be purchased for residential use owing to the fact that you can’t turn around on them or plant two feet on the same level at once, and they don’t have a handrail. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful minimalist solution that’s shown off to great effect in a loft by nC2 Architects of Brooklyn.