Amphibious Architecture: 12 Flood-Proof Home Designs

Affordable Floating Bamboo House for Flood-Prone Areas
bamboo house 3

bamboo house 2

amphibious architecture affordable bamboo house 2

This stunning and highly affordable modular bamboo house is a prototype that could potentially be mass-produced for areas of the world that are highly prone to flooding. The design is made of renewable local materials like bamboo and coconut leaf, can be constructed within 25 days with limited experience, and uses simple fastening techniques. The finished design floats in flood waters up to three meters high.

Inexpensive DIY Floating House in Mississippi
amphibious architecture DIY version

The owners of this modest home on the Mississippi River came up with their own low-cost version of some of the other ideas featured on this list, using foam blocks for buoyancy and steel guide posts to keep it in place.

Tsunami Ark: Flood-Proof Floating Wood Capsule
amphibious architecture tsunami ark 1

amphibious architecture tsunami ark 2
A former Facebook and Paypal employee with no prior construction experience spent two years building ‘Tsunamiball,’ a flood-proof floating wood capsule. Inspired to create the structure after meeting his wife in Fukushima, the Japanese city that was devastated by a tsunami and subsequent nuclear meltdown after an earthquake in 2011, Chris Robinson created a 22-foot-long, 10-foot-wide, 8.5-foot-high capsule out of plywood and epoxy.

Spherical Prefab Disaster-Proof Pod Home
spherical survival home 2

spherical survival home 1

It may not be much to look at from the outside, but this hardcore survival home could theoretically get you through just about anything. Built on stilts, the 2500-square-foot house features a spiral staircase that doubles as a hydroponic garden as well as a roof-mounted wind turbine and solar panels. The home would be sold as prefabricated kits for around $78,000 each.