Most Massive Murals: 14 Large-Scale Works of Urban Art

City-Wide Mural be Felice Varini
Large Murals Varini 2

Large Murals varini 1

A mural that can only be seen in full from the roof of one local hotel stretches across the entire historic core of Hasselt, Belgium. Sections of the mural by Felice Varini, which creates a series of white circles when taken in as a whole, can be spotted in small, puzzle-like sections around the city.

Optical Illusion Murals in Tehran
Large Murals Tehran 1

Large Murals Tehran 2

Flying cars, accordion-like architecture and human figures clinging to the sides of buildings are among the optical illusions that can be spotted all over the sides of buildings in Tehran. Artist Mehdi Ghandyanloo makes the most of a mishmash of buildings that typically only have one facade, with the other three left blank and gray. Painting the large-scale murals beautifies otherwise unremarkable structures and creates a sense of cohesion.

Colorful Characters on Vancouver Industrial Silos
Large Murals Silos Vancouver 1

Large Murals Silos Vancouver 2

Six industrial silos located on Vancouver’s waterfront now stand as colorful characters after a massive makeover by Brazilian street artist duo Os Gemeos. Created for the Vancouver Biennale and unveiled in September 2014, the murals act as a landmark and create a visual tie between the bustling city on one side of the river and the industrial remains on the other.

Simple Human Figures on Decaying Buildings by Sam3
Large Murals Sam3 1

Large Murals Sam3 2

Large Murals Sam3 3

Decaying buildings all over the world, from his hometown of Madrid to Atlanta, Georgia, become backdrops for massive human silhouettes in large-scale murals by artist Sam3. Graphic and simple, the works often have a surreal feel, pulling in celestial imagery or interacting with the environment.