Prism Break: China’s Eye-Soothing Rainbow Road Tunnel

China Rainbow Tunnel 5

It’s all very pretty but to quote the inimitable Paul “Bear” Vasquez, “WHAT DOES IT MEAN??” OK, here comes the science: the colors of the segments and the varying spaces between them are meant to be witnessed from the viewpoint of drivers traversing the underpass.

China Rainbow Tunnel 5a

China Rainbow Tunnel 5b

You read that correctly – as beautiful as the almost toy-like assemblage of rainbow-tinted concrete henges appears in the images accompanying this article, their entire raison d’être is lost upon anyone not actually driving through the tunnel.

China Rainbow Tunnel 7

China Rainbow Tunnel 8a

China Rainbow Tunnel 4

China Rainbow Tunnel 1a

China Rainbow Tunnel 4a

According to workers at the construction site (no official announcement has yet been issued), the colors and format of the tunnel extensions are designed to help drivers adjust to the sudden change in light quality their eyes will be subjected to as they enter and exit the tunnel. Bet you didn’t think this was a problem, did you? Before answering, hundreds of Chinese workers request you make like Rhianna and just… Shut Up and Drive.