Wired Wood: 13 Handmade Versions of Electronic Gadgets

Cuckoo Clock-Inspired Analog Fan
wood gadgets analog fan

wood gadgets analog fan 2

Here’s a typically electronically powered device that’s been made completely analog, requiring no electricity at all. Lift the weight on the end of this fan by Luc van Hoeckel to start the gears, causing the blades to spin.

Jupiter Mouse

wood gadgets jupiter mouse

Made from Japanese flowering ash, the Jupiter Mouse by Actbrise Electronics gets its name from the natural wood swirls that make it resemble our solar system’s largest planet. The direction and velocity with which you tilt the mouse controls the cursor.

Analog Watch

wood gadgets analog watch 2

wood gadgets analog watch

Tell the time by interpreting eclipse-like shapes within the twelve round windows of this wood watch by Portland-based design studio Grovemade. The design flips the usual arrangement of a wooden backing behind glass, putting the wood up front.

Branch USB Sticks



Sticks are plucked right out of the woods and hand-carved into unique USB sticks by OOOMS design, available in memory sizes ranging from 2 to 16 gigabytes.