Free Little Libraries: 25 Contextual Designs & Creative Reuses

r2d2 little free library

robot little free library

surf van little free library

But the most eye-catching designs are those that stray far from the ordinary. R2D2, robots, and even a beach-bound van make up some of the more elaborate creations. They’re all functional as well as being fun and artistic – and they’re sure to bring passers-by in for a closer look.

fairy house little free library

newspaper box little free library

open newspaper box little free library

The idea of creative re-use also presents itself in the form of using actual existing containers as Little Free Libraries. This old newspaper box in Seattle – once used to distribute information for a fee – has been transformed into a repository of absolutely free entertainment and education.

transformers little free library

globe little free library

tardis little free library

These Little Free Libraries are proof that the idea of sharing books in a public setting doesn’t have to be confined to coffee shops. Nor do you need to sign up for a card and have a book back by a certain deadline. The selection at a Little Free Library will of course be more limited than that of a traditional library, but that presents a great opportunity to discover something new that you may not have chosen otherwise.

fence mounted little free library

detail fence mounted little free library

stand inside little free library

Overall, the Little Free Library movement is just as much about trust and community-building as it is about making free books available. It would be easy enough for someone to run off with all of the books in the library to sell them, or even to steal the library itself. But the project’s very nature inspires people to be a little kinder and to contribute to a friendly, literate society.