Extreme Camping: 16 Out-There & Open-Air Accommodations

Sydney Opera House Camper

camper opera 3

camper opera 4

camping opera house 2

This theatrical camper mimics the iconic shape of the Sydney Opera House. A relatively small trailer unfolds to reveal a luxurious interior with hardwoods, stainless steel, heating and hot water, an espresso maker and even a wine fridge. The canopy springs into place to create a spacious roof.

BMW MINI Camper + Caravan

camper mini 2

camper mini

What BMW envisioned as an April Fool’s Day joke in 2012 is actually a pretty fun and cool-looking concept. Many a camping enthusiast has wished they could somehow adapt a tent to fit their city-appropriate car, so the ‘Swindon’ design intrigues with its pop-up platform that clips onto the roof rack of any MINI clubman or countryman vehicle, perfectly matching the color scheme of the car. The Cowley Caravan weighs just 661 pounds and is appropriately sized to be pulled by the MINI, with interior features including sleeping space for two, a stereo system and a TV/DVD player and an impressively outfitted kitchen.

Bubble Hotels
campers bubble hotel 1

campers bubble hotel 2

campers bubble hotels 3

Not quite a tent, not quite a cabin, these spherical plastic ‘bubble hotels’ provide a spacious and luxuriously comfortable space for campers who want to enjoy the outdoors without giving up the amenities of a typical hotel. The 13-foot pods are perched all over the countryside of Marseille, France as part of the Attrap Rêves hotel and are available in various levels of transparency depending on your desired ratio of privacy to nature-immersion.