Do Look Up: 14 Dazzling Modern Ceiling Designs

Fantastique Canopy

ceilings tree 1

ceilings tree 3

An otherwise unremarkable retail space gets an eye-popping makeover with the addition of a sculptural feature that spreads out onto the ceiling. Paul Coudamy designed the installation for Comme des Garcons’ Dover Street Market location in Tokyo, tacking 9,715 planks of wood into a tree-like formation that also invokes the flow of water.

Hexagonal Mirrored Ceiling Tiles for FLOR

ceiligns flor 1

ceilings flor 2

Visitors have no choice but to crane their necks to get a look at the new offerings by carpet tile manufacturer FLOR as they make their way through this temporary exhibition space by Francesco Maria Bandini. The brand’s signature hexagonal shape is integrated into a mirrored ceiling installation that reflects new patterns of multicolored textiles positioned on top of tall white plinths.

Chopstick Forest

ceilings chopstick forest

celings chopstick forest 2

Affect Studio drilled, threaded and suspended 13,454 individual wooden chopsticks for a ceiling installation at Izakaya Japanese Kitchen in Berlin. Each of the chopsticks was hand-dyed to add a little dimension to the ‘chopstick forest’, which took a crew of 14 people three weeks to complete.