Permanent Markings: 13 Tattoo Artists with Bold Black Style

Minka Sicklinger

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Some tattoo artists have a style that comes through just as strongly on skin as it does on paper, making their work stand out no matter how popular the subject matter. Minka Sicklinger can currently be booked at East Side Ink in New York, or catch her while she’s on the road.

Ien Levin

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tattoo ien levin 2

A touch of the surreal comes through in the work of artist Ien Levin, who’s based in Kiev, Ukraine. Levin does most of his work in the UK and frequently travels to the United States

Nomi Chi

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If you want to sport a piece of permanent artwork that’s totally unlike anyone else’s, check out Nomi Chi. You can get one of her signature illustrations at Gastown Tattoo Parlour in Vancouver, Canada.

Kamil Czapiga

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Artist Kamil Czapiga works in pointillism for a shadowy, saturated effect, taking inspiration from antique prints and Slavic mythology. The young freelancer is currently only working out of Katowice, Poland.