Classic Modern Mix: 13 Striking Additions to Historical Houses

Stretched Stone Farmhouse by ODOSarchitects
additions odos 1

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additions odos 3

Dublin-based ODOSarchitects seems to have reached inside the guts of a farmhouse and stable complex in Ireland to pull out a long and narrow addition, with glazing on all sides looking out onto the historic property. The box extension is all clean lines and minimalism, in contrast to the crumbling stone.

Backyard Addition to a Victorian Home
additions backyard

additions backyard 2

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A black-and-white modern addition is slotted right into the walled garden of a Victorian house in Melbourne, connected to the main building with a long and narrow wing. Faced with lots of glass, the new structure glows like a lantern at night, yet remains private.

Backpack House
additions backpack house

additions backpack house 2

The Backpack House is a self-contained structure that essentially dangles off the side of an existing building, adding to it in a way that can be temporary if desired. It also enables people who live on middle floors of a multi-level apartment building or condominium to expand their living space even though they don’t have access to the roof or the ground.

Park Avenue South by Studio Octopi
additions octopi

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A Victorian home in London gets an expansive new space that complements the original features. The owner-architect at Studio Octopi used folded paper models to find a shape that would make the most of the odd-sized triangular plot, and the result is a pleasingly geometric addition clad in black zinc.