Magnetically Attractive Furniture & Decor: 14 Floating Designs

Floating Lamps by Crealev
magnetic lamps crealev

magnetic lamps crealev 2

A series of floating lamps by Crealev contrast the classic lamp shape with “ultramodern technology” including LED lights and an electromagnetic mechanism holding the top two-thirds of the shade over the base.

Levitation Wand
fly stick

Like something out Hogwart’s, the Fly Stick Van de Graaff Levitation Wand raises small mylar objects into the air as if by magic. This seemingly magnetic design is actually powered by static charge. It’s a little silly, but can’t you just see this theoretical billionaire keeping a closet stocked with these to impress any random children who come over, distracting them from his very expensive toys?

MagLev Chair by Hoverit
mag lev chair

mag lev chair 2

If you’ve ever been so exhausted you wished you could just float on air, this chair technically provides the effect you’re going for (though laying on a hard plastic surface probably isn’t exactly what you had in mind.) This $11,500 lounger by Hoverit doesn’t just look cool in clear perspex as the top portion floats above the base, it claims to have some therapeutic benefits, easing “back and muscular problems and headaches.”

Salt & Pepper Shakers
magnetic salt and pepper

The billionaire magnetism enthusiast who might purchase all of the above items for his home can’t have any old salt and pepper shakers on the table. This set by designer Son Mocci looks like a pair of glossy white floating doorknobs over a matching dock.