Long Term Angle Parking: 12 Cool Cadillac Ranch Copies



A Connecticut Yugo in King Arthur’s court? You’ll find three of the East Bloc laughing stocks at Wild Bill’s Nostalgia Center in Middletown. Check out the blue one rockin’ a way cool sunroof; must’ve been quite the babe-magnet in its day.



Sporting red, white and blue paint jobs (a nod to the former Yugoslavia’s flag, perhaps?) and mounted nose-down on fiberglass beach balls, this neat tribute by Joe McCarthy and Peter Albano is named “I’d Go Where Yugo Stanley Marsh 3” in honor of Cadillac Ranch’s late owner.

RV Parked Yet?

Cadillac Ranch RV Park



After visiting the original Cadillac Ranch, be sure to check out The Amarillo West RV Park located just minutes away. Unlike its inspiration, the trio of tilted Caddys are in excellent condition, are mounted above the ground, and are NOT to be graffiti’d in any way, shape or form. Oh, and the cars would also appear to be occupied.






Forget Matchbox, these MINIs have gone full sandbox! Kudos to advertising agency Interone Worldwide GmbH (Munich) for giving credit where credit is due: giving a shout out to original Cadillac Ranch artists Ant Farm. The installation introduces the then-new MINI Clubman by tilting a quartet of, er, Clubmen into a bed of beach sand. The Other Ranch… more than just a salad dressing!

RV Wallbanger



You’ll find the Oasis RV Resort just west of Cadillac Ranch at 2715 Arnot Rd in Amarillo, TX… just look for the jumbo RV angled permanently into the ground out front. At least it’s tornado-proof now. Prospective customers aren’t required to park like that but accidents will happen.