Popping Off the Page: 15 Sculptural 3D Paper Art Creations

Sculptural Origami Creations by Gonzalo Garcia Calvo

paper origami 1

paper origami 2

paper origami 3

Dobermans, bulls, elephants, chickens and ducks come to life from sheets of colored paper in the hands of origami artist Gonzalo Garcia Calvo. In some cases, something so small and thin as a 6-by-6 piece of newspaper can become a three-dimensional dragon or a spiked baby hedgehog.

Colorful Quilled Paper by Sena Runa

paper quills 1

paper quills 2

paper quills 3

paper quills 4

Quills of curling paper nest inside each other within geometric frames in the colorful art of Istanbul-based Sena Runa. The creations have proven so popular and distinctive that the artist quite her job in HR to pursue making them full-time.

Paper Text by Miriam Londoño

paper text 1

paper text 2

paper text 3

paper text 5

Paper is used to communicate words in a different way than the usual in Miriam Londoño’s work, eliminating the need for ink. As a result, stretches of hand-cut text hang from the ceiling to create a sort of visual poetry, the words literally and metaphorically hanging in the air.

Nature-Inspired Paper Sculptures by Paul Louise-Julie

paper art nature 1

paper art nature 2

paper art nature 3

Seven years of researching African civilization and art inspired a beautiful series of evocative, nature-themed paper sculptures by Paul Louise-Julie. The paper pieces are supported by internal wire frames and coated in acrylic gesso and polymer varnish to make them archival.