Beyond the Glass Ceiling: 14 Houses & Hotels Made for Stargazing

Glass-Topped Reciprocal Roof

glass reciprocal roof

Swirling reciprocal roofs are a common sight in cob houses and other earth-based natural structures, but this one is especially beautiful thanks to its unique faceted skylight at the center.

Stargazing Observatory on an Average Suburban House
observatory house

observatory house 2

Two MIT alums added a real stargazing observatory to the top of their average suburban house in Menlo Park, California. Michele Chan and David Liang had a prefab dome set right into their roof, and almost every night, they climb up a ladder to access it, turning on a high-powered telescope to look up at the sky.

Sky-Focused Views at Elqui Domos

elqui domos

elqui domos 2

elqui domos 3

elqui domos 5

Specifically marketed to astronomers, the Elqui Domos hotel in the Norte Chico region of Chile offers dome tents and houses designed for stargazing. The Elqui Valley is known for its unusually clear sky, far from the light pollution of cities and unobscured by clouds 320 nights a year. The dome tents have removable roof panels, while the cabins offer angled glass roofs over the sleeping lofts so you can stargaze from bed.

Glass Box Residential Extension
glass box extension

glass box extension 2

If money is no object, and you want to add a transparent room to your existing house, the option of a ‘glass box addition’ can be a dramatic way to gain square footage and enjoy your yard. These modern conservatories provide a crisp, stark contrast when set against more traditional architecture.

Operable Glass in a West Village Townhouse

operable glass

operable glass 2


Look out onto Manhattan’s skyline (and whatever stars you can actually spot from this saturated metropolis) from a beautifully renovated 1840s townhouse with operable glass doors capping its upper level. The penthouse uses all that glass to funnel daylight down its four stories of living space.