Beyond the Glass Ceiling: 14 Houses & Hotels Made for Stargazing

Sculptural Glass Courtyard Roof
sculptural glass roof 3

sculptural glass roof 2

sculptural glass roof

This beautiful faceted geometric glass roof gives the courtyard of a home in Bogota, Colombia a sculptural look. The canopy covers an indoor/outdoor seating area and ‘secret garden.’

Glass-Roofed Yurt at the Treebones Resort in Big Sur
glass yurt big sur 2

Among the fairly primitive yurts overlooking the rocky Big Sur coast at Treebones Resort is this gorgeous glass-roofed structure. Treebones offers ‘glamping’ at various levels of luxury, and is also known for its human-sized ‘nest,’ which can be slept in if you don’t mind other guests constantly approaching to check it out and take photos.

Glass Igloos in Finland at the Arctic Snow Hotel
iceland igloo hotels 2

iceland igloo hotels 3

iceland igloo hotels 5

glass roofs igloos iceland

Glass-topped igloos give you unparalleled views of the Northern Lights at the Arctic SnowHotel in Rovaniemi, Finland just at the edge of the Arctic Circle. Look out onto the snowy landscape from the comfort of your bed within these heated spaces, which also include full bathrooms with showers. Real igloos made of snow can also be rented on the property.

Stargazing Forest Domes

stargazing forest domes 1

stargazing forest home 2

stargazing forest domes 2

The ‘Bubble Domes’ at Finn Lough in Northern Ireland will make you feel like you’re living in your own life-sized snow globe. Set in the lush forest, the domes feature 180-degree transparent walls for full immersion in the natural surroundings, and each one has a four poster bed, ensuite bathroom and breakfast delivery.