No Place (to Work) Like Home: 15 Extraordinary Office Designs

Geometric Bubble Wrap Office
Home office bubble wrap

home office bubble wrap 2

This almost seems like one of those pranks where co-workers cover everything in an office cubicle with aluminum foil or post-its, except that it’s kind of brilliant. Designer Davidson Rafailidis used greenhouse-grade bubble wrap as a highly unlikely main material for a geometric home office pod that seems to come shooting into the room via a connected window.

Prefab Corner Office Pod
home office prefab

home office prefab 2

If you’ve always wanted a corner office but aren’t too keen on climbing the corporate ladder, here’s your chance. The prefab OfficePod is designed to be set into a corner of the yard and contains a desk, chair, cabinets and just enough glass to provide a connection to the outdoors without too much distraction.

Modern Office in a Box
modern office boxetti

When you’re working in a small space, but still need a desk, a place to relax and plenty of storage, you have to get creative with your use of space. This all-in-one unit by Boxetti is one way of doing that, packing everything you need into a slim wall cabinet. There’s even a read-and-work nook with a padded headrest that looks relaxing enough to serve as a nap nest, too.

Dramatic Angular Built-in Office
home office angular

home office angular 2

This modern built-in home office is all dramatic lines and angles, paneled in dark wood and capped with translucent panels that let in just enough light to give the space a womb-like feel. But the coolest part is a red-lined niche containing a mattress, jutting out into the sky, inviting you to shirk your responsibilities and daydream instead.