No Place (to Work) Like Home: 15 Extraordinary Office Designs

Organic Shell-Shaped Backyard Office
home office shell

hoem office shell 2

home office shell 3

The shell-like Shoffice is a combination shed and backyard office with a curving organic wooden exterior that starts as a terrace outside the door and flows up and over to form a roof. Glass walls and skylights ensure that the occupant feels a connection to nature at all times. The Shoffice is located outside a 1950s terrace house in London.

Office Overlooking the Ocean

home office ocean view 1

home office ocean view 2

home office ocean view 3

The Ridge House by Marko Simcic overlooks the sea from its perch on Pender Island, British Columbia, providing gorgeous views from just about every room. But there’s no space in the home that benefits from the exquisite location quite as much as the glass-walled home office, set into a corner of the house. A floating desk set into the wall provides a place to work without breaking up the view.

Sunken Office in a Barn-Style Home
home office barn 3

home office barn 2

home office barn 1

The entire sunken bottom story of this modern barn house in Blasthal, Switzerland by Pascal Flammer Architect has glazed walls, making the structure seem like it’s floating from afar. While all private spaces are on the upper floors, the bottom level contains the common spaces, including a home office with huge operable windows you can climb through and counters that double as benches.

Rounded Office with Library Oculus
home office library

An oculus-style skylight gets an extra function as a library in this U-shaped home office, making it feel like you can simply pluck books out of the sky at will with the help of a ladder.