A New View: 65+ Illuminating Larger-Than-Life Macro Images

Bees by Sam Droege
macro bees 1

macro bees 2

macro bees 3

macro bees 4

The USGS Native Bee Inventory and Monitoring Program in Maryland monitors the health and habitat of bees in the United States, partially by creating archival reference catalogs that help researchers identify all the various species. As head of the program, Sam Droege photographs specimens (often dead) close enough to spot the minute variations that distinguish each species, some of which are not visible to the naked eye.

Obscure Species in the Book ‘Animal Earth’
macro obscure species 1

macro obscure species 2

macro obscure species 3

macro obscure species 4

macro obscure species 5

The world’s most obscure species, from the tube-dwelling polychaete to an unidentified variant of the cynipid wasp, get their time in the spotlight in the 320-page book Animal Earth. Photographers and animal specialists came together to publish this book to introduce bizarre species from the deep sea to the mountaintops.

Starfish by Alexander Semenov
macro starfish 1

macro starfish 2

macro starfish 3

macro starfish 4

macro starfish 5

Looking at some of these strange textured images, you’d have no idea what creature they belong to. Photographer and biologist Alexander Semenov shows us the stunning, neon-colored structures that can be found on the surface of a starfish in this series.

Ice & Snowflakes by Andrew Osokin
macro ice 1

macro ice 2

macro ice 3

macro ice 4

Each one of these ice crystals and snowflakes photographed by Andrew Osokin looks like a miniature work of sculpture, branching in unexpected and sometime surprisingly asymmetric ways, given what we’ve come to expect from snowflakes.

Soap Bubbles by Jason Tozer
macro soap 1

macro soap 2

macro soap 3

macro soap 4

macro soap 5

macro soap 6

An entire mysterious solar system bursts into being in your sink every time you do dishes, and you never even know it. Photographer Jason Tozer creates just the right conditions in his London studio to document this brief event, developing a special lighting technique to illuminate the surface of each bubble.