A New View: 65+ Illuminating Larger-Than-Life Macro Images

Dew-Covered Insects by David Chambon
macro dew 1

macro dew 2

macro dew 3

macro dew 4

macro dew 5

The morning dew clings to every miniscule hair, wing scale and lens of an arthropod’s compound eye, making them look like they’re wearing full-body suits made of shimmering crystals. These images of dew-soaked insects were created by David Chambon.

Insect Eyes by Shikhei Goh
macro insect eyes 1

macro insect eyes 2

macro insect eyes 3

Coming in even closer, we get intense eye contact sessions with the smallest of bugs, suddenly taking note of their mustaches and the antennae that give them an angry eyebrow expression. Photographer Shikhei Goh documents the flora and fauna on the small island off Singapore known as Batam.

Dew-Soaked Dandelions by Sharon Johnstone
macro dandelions 1

macro dandelions 2

macro dandelions 3

macro dandelions 4

It’s almost like we’re looking at artificial landscapes, jewelry or those ‘80s fiber optic lamps as we examine the dew drops on the surfaces of dandelions, as photographed here by Sharon Johnstone.

Wet Ladybugs by Tomasz Skoczen
macro ladybugs 1

macro ladybugs 2

macro ladybugs 3

macro ladybugs 4

These photos almost seem too storybook to be true, with wet ladybugs standing on their hind legs under mushroom umbrellas or perfectly contrasted on a white bloom. Photographer Tomasz Skoczen has spent years laying in the grass of his backyard, using a Canon 5D Mark II and a macro lens to spy on the private morning lives of these little insects.

Water Drop Pillars by Markus Reugels
macro water drops 1


macro water drops 2

macro water drops 3

macro droplet 3

macro droplet 2

macro droplet 1

Precisely timed water drops collide in a bowl of expertly-lit water to form pillar-like structures in a fun experiment by Markus Reugels, who has also created tiny miniatures of the Earth, moon and Jupiter by dropping water in front of maps.