High Tech DIY Decor: 15 3D-Printed Home Accessories

City Lights Lamp Shade

city lights shade

Mounting onto the ceiling around a halogen light with a 10.5cm outside ring diameter, this ceiling light shade with a city skyline theme just slides right onto the light and makes it a lot more interesting, projecting a shadow of the city onto adjacent walls. It’s available in black or white nylon plastic.

Second Life Mug

3d printed mug save 1

3d printed mug save 2

This convenient little handle slides onto a jar to give it a ‘second life’ as a mug. A quick and simple download, this print requires no assembly and can be acquired for free at Cults3D.

Wire Bear Head Faux Taxidermy

3d printed bear head 1

3d printed bear head 2

A kinder and frankly cooler-looking alternative to taxidermy, this ‘wire’ bear head mounts to the wall as decor. Place it over an LED bulb to make it shine at night. Get it printed up for you at Shapeways.

The Manhattan Project

3d printed manhattan

3d printed manhattan 2

3d printed manhattan 3

Got a spare $25K laying around for a desk that puts a metropolis at your fingertips? The ‘Manhattan Project’ is a desk-sized 3D-printed replica of the island of Manhattan, with the laser-cut buildings surrounded by clear acrylic ‘water’ on a slab of plywood representing earth.

Frank Lloyd Wright Candle Holder

3d printed FLW candleholder

This geometric candleholder for architecture enthusiasts takes its design from the Frank Lloyd Wright Storer House, for a touch of midcentury modern style. Available at Shapeways.