Time for New Technology: 13 Modern Wristwatch Designs

Kairos Mechanical Smartwatch

smart watch kairos 2

smart watch kairos

Billed the world’s first and only mechanical smart watch hybrid, the Kairos Mechanical Smartwatch looks like a classic timepiece until a call or text comes through, at which time the display transforms into a digital screen. It’ll also offer email notifications, social media alerts, fitness trackers, GPS-enabled world time displays and act as a remote control for your smart phone or tablet PC.

FitBit Blaze Smartwatch

smartwatch fitbit blaze 2
smart watch fitbit blaze

Smartwatches demand that what you’re wearing on your wrist does far more than just telling the time – like tracking your heart rate, providing workout tips and recognizing when you’re working out automatically. Going beyond activity-tracking wristbands, the FitBit Blaze adds a bunch Apple Watch-style features like displaying incoming calls, text messages and calendar alerts.

3D-Printed Dual-Faced ‘Doublefeature’

smart watch doublefeature

smart watch doublefeature 2

Modeled on automotive dashboard gauges, the ‘Doublefeature’ watch by Paul Kweton features two faces set in a silicon strap displaying two different time zones in case you want an analog alternative to just looking it up on your phone. It’s definitely bulky and a bit ridiculous looking, but makes more sense when you see it alongside Kweton’s other designs, including watches inspired by timers, airplane windows and submarine portholes. But hey, it’s 3D-printed, and someday when we all have the ability to manufacture items right in our own homes, you can make something cooler.