Park Places: 10 Creatively Paved, Painted & Personalized Driveways



A neighborhood map? On our driveway? It’s more likely than you think thanks to mural artist Marta Ayala, whose colorful cartographic graphic adorns the driveway in front of Mike Lanza’s home. The artwork sports a compass icon correctly positioned to display true north, south, east, and west. Park accordingly, y’all.



The mural was crafted using oil-based paint that, when dry, was covered in clear sealant to preserve it from the rigors of cars, kids etc. “The layout of the map exactly matches our real-world neighborhood’s orientation,” explains Lanza, “so that, for instance, the creek on the map is to the right, just as it is in real life. Thus, my hope is that the map reinforces kids’ geographical and spatial understanding.” Still no cure for kids leaving toys and bikes on the driveway.

Where The Van Goghs


“My 17 year old niece painted Starry Night on her driveway in one day,” states the person who posted the above astonishing image at Imgur. Keep that in mind next time you crack wise about Millennials being lazy and expecting to have life served to them on a silver platter. By the way, we HOPE she didn’t use water paint…

Suburban Blues



When the Houzz website asked readers to submit photos of their painted asphalt or concrete driveways, contributor susieq07 offered up the above cerulean blue gem. The clear-coated concrete overlay on top of plain concrete was contracted out to professionals at a cost of $6,000 – higher than the value of many folks’ cars.