Fashionable Facades: 15 Buildings That Put On An Artistic Face

Leaf-Inspired Shingles by Squire and Partners, London, England




Squire and Partners took a look around the neighborhood to find inspiration for this creative home facade in London, ultimately pairing the visuals of ivy leaves and shingles. The results are created with 4,080 folded aluminum leaves in varying bronze tones.

Rose Museum by NEXT Architects, Beijing, China



Detached from the main building, this wrap-around metal facade perforated with rose shapes creates an exterior courtyard. NEXT Architects came up with the design for the world’s first Rose Museum in Beijing.

Swirling Wooden House Exterior by 24H Architects, Leiden, The Netherlands


Instead of simply overlapping it on the surface like conventional cladding, 24H Architects used wood as an artistic medium for the facades of two ‘ecological’ houses in The Netherlands.

Ecuador Pavilion by Zorrozua & Associates, Milan




Anodized aluminum chains in a rainbow of colors come together on the facade of the Ecuador Pavilion to create exterior curtains. The paint on the chains creates a pattern resembling a woven textile. Zorruzua & Associates secured the chains at various points to keep them from whipping around in the wind.

IBS Institute of Science and Innovation by Claudio Vilarinho, Portugal


A microscopic image of titanium nanotubes served as the basis for this organic facade by Claudio Vilarinho, enlivening the exterior of the IBS Institute of Science and Innovation for Bio-Sustainability at Minho University in Portugal.