Urban Adventuring Apps: 13 Interactive Ways to Explore Your City

Stray Boots: Urban Scavenger Hunts


Gather a group or go on a solo adventure with ‘Stray Boots,’ a scavenger hunt app that’s really a walking tour in disguise. You might be asked to locate a particular work of urban art or a quote hanging in a bar, or solve a riddle. It’s a fun way to get to know your environment, and you can establish yourself as an ‘expert’ and create your own tours.

Detour: Guided GPS Audio Tours



These guided GPS audio tours give you the inside scoop on locations in a given city. How else would anyone other than a history major know that, for example, a trendy seafood restaurant on San Francisco’s Market Street was once a camera store owned and operated by famous LGBT rights activist Harvey Milk? The app adds an ‘interpretive layer’ to your view of any street. Tours are available for select cities, including San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Kamino: Explore on Foot



Take a crowdsourced walking tour with ‘Kamino,’ an app offering ‘urban hikes’ created by locals that point to specific restaurants, shops, attractions and hidden gems along the way. You can also choose the kind of experience you’re looking for, like pet-friendly and kid-friendly hikes.

Field Trip: History Lessons



Google’s Field Trip app adds another layer of functionality to the company’s own maps, bringing you to notable locations and telling you their history. Dorky and unpopular as Google Glass may be, this video gives us an idea of how the app works.

Localeur: More Insider Info



Here’s another app that’ll tell you what locals love best about their city. You can search for super-specific businesses, like vegan soul food or cocktails featuring a certain ingredient. Each local recommendation comes with a rating that’ll tell you how many people love that particular spot. Travelers aren’t the only people who benefit from this app – it might just lead you in the direction of some new favorites near your own home.