City of Ice: 20 Photos of China’s Amazing Annual Snow Sculptures

Replica of a Finnish Church, 2009


This replica of a church in Finland is made entirely from ice and snow (photo by Rincewind42.)

Botticelli’s Primavera Relief Sculpture, 2013


A relief sculpture lifts the mythological figures of Botticelli’s famous painting ‘Primavera’ right off the canvas (photo by

Ice Castle, 2012



The structures made of ice, like this 2013 castle, are strong enough to support the weight of guests walking around inside (photos by Tracy Hunter.)

Finnish Folk Tales, 2009


A Finnish folk tale is depicted against snowy cliffs at Snow and Ice World in 2009 (photo by Rincewind42.)

Ice Castle, 2012


The details of the icy architecture are pretty stunning, from stair railings to the cupolas and parapets (photo by maifel2001.)

Elephants, 2013


Vivid red cloth elements really pop against the white of this 2013 welcoming sculpture (photo by