Artistically Enabled: 18 Weird & Creative Handicapped Parking Signs

“Every 48 seconds, a drunk driver makes another person eligible to park here”… a sobering thought to be sure. An added bonus of this text-heavy PSA stencil is that ineligible drivers’ eyes are drawn to the pavement, making it more likely they’ll notice the handicapped-only icon.

My Other Wheelchair Is A Horse

Apparently placed in front of “el mercado on south 1st,” this crisply stenciled handicapped parking sign sports non-typical colors and a nifty embellishment – a stetson, or considering the “mercado” location perhaps a sombrero. Flickr user mando flores (itflux) captured this cool southwestern variation of the classic accessible parking sign on May 4th of 2007.

Hologram Sam, You’re My Main Man

Russian charity DISLIFE brings us the handicapped parking space of tomorrow, today. Sensor-equipped cameras mounted at the back of the space quickly discern whether a potential parker’s car bears a disabled-driver badge.

If not, a hologram of a wheelchair-bound man is suddenly projected before them, kindly but firmly suggesting they park somewhere else. Choose appropriately, comrade, and watch this video for the whole story.

Shoot First, Park Later

Woe be it to anyone without a disabled parking badge who parks in a designated handicapped space at the Buffalo Gun Center. Located on Harlem Rd in Buffalo, New York, the business has a disarming (ahem) sense of humor when it comes to their parking lot signage… that is, until someone ignores it.

Turning Turtle

OK, so someone’s either pranked Mitch McConnell’s space in the Senate parking lot or they just don’t know how to work a stencil – why not both? We may never know the answer now that filibusters are no longer a non-nuclear option. Thanks, Obama.

Double Your Parking Pleasure

Double your pleasure, double your handicapped parking fun with these weird double-stenciled, er, stencils. While we can understand the need to apply a second coat of paint to a graphic destined to spend years exposed to all sorts of weather plus vehicle and pedestrian foot traffic but is it really too much to ask the “craftsman” to ensure the stencil’s not upside-down on the respray?

Evidently it is, as this isn’t an uncommon occurrence. Kudos to Flickr users Allison Yoshimura (Ali San) and bettyx1138 for capturing these stencil fails in February of 2005 and September of 2011, respectively. Hey, we guess that’s just how they roll.