Architecture for Airheads: 13 Intriguingly Interactive Inflatable Structures

Community Center by DOSIS

Another giant bubble came to London Fields in the form of ‘Second Dome’ by Madrid-based studio DOSIS, a reconfigurable space that can be transformed from a single medium-sized space to a massive multi-room structure within minutes. Inside, non-profit organizations put on events like film screenings and animation workshops.

Octopus Pavilion by Max Gerthel and Tectonicus

The Octopus Pavilion by Max Gerthel Studio & Tectonicus Constructs ‘breathes’ and changes color in response to movement and sound. Made up of a series of pillow-like, buoyant modules, the octopus captivates visitors and draws in curious passersby to engage with events held beneath it.

Shelter Temporary Club by bureau A

A mini club with a bar and a dance floor is contained within this curious-looking inflatable structure called ‘Shelter’ by bureau A. designed for the annual meeting of the Swiss Architectural Association, the shelter and the furniture within it are all made of black PVC membrane. Bureau A took inspiration from bunkers for the design.

Bubble Landmark in Helsinki

Set in one of Helsinki’s busiest square, ‘superKOLMEMEN’ by Plastique Fantastique takes an ordinary landmark people pass by every day without thinking and turns it into a playful environment to interact with fellow residents of the city. The structure fits around the statue in the center of the square, making the figures look like they’re floating on top, while residents can come inside to listen to concerts and take in programs related to Helsinki Design Week.