Lush Labels: 15 Bold & Beautiful Botanical Packaging Designs

Selva Nevada Ice Cream by Siegenthaler & Co

Ice cream is more tempting than ever in gorgeous packaging by Siegenthaler & Co. Selva Nevada is an artisan ice cream company featuring the flavors of Colombian biodiversity.

Hall & Woodhouse Badger by BrandOpus

BrandOpus not only put Hall & Woodhouse’s signature brew ‘Badger’ in a cylindrical cardboard tube hand-printed with nature scenes where badgers are found, but made the bottle itself in the shape of a badger’s head, with the wax-sealed cork representing the nose.

Vittoria Coffee Collaborations with Fashion Designers

Vittoria Coffee collaborated with a range of high-end fashion designers, including Kym Ellery, to create luxurious botanical prints on its takeout cups, coffee packaging and other products. Considering that coffee cups are practically fashion accessories in and of themselves, this seems like a pretty smart move.

Tealicious by Alvarez Juana

Matching tea with illustrations of plants just seems like a no-brainer. Tealicious products are augmented by a botanical print reminiscent of vintage wallpaper by Alvarez Juana. “For the label we decided to make one model that allows us to put inside all the different kinds of tea that Tealicious has to offer,” she says.

Folklorious by Quim Marin

A brand of accessories elevating little-known designers around the world proclaiming itself a “canvas for personal Folklore” gets a vibrant visual identity by Barcelona-based designer Quim Marin.