Lush Labels: 15 Bold & Beautiful Botanical Packaging Designs

Cannabis-Infused Vodka for Humboldt Distillery by Auston Design Group

You might think a bottle of cannabis-infused vodka should have a pot leaf on the label, but Auston Design Group begs to differ. “Long-time client, Humboldt Distillery, came to us with a desire to create a Cannabis-infused vodka that would be a quality tribute to Northern California’s Emerald Triangle. The product would not feature any of the THC found in marijuana, instead it’s a product made with locally grown tempt hat’s a subtle nod to the region’s pot-growing tradition. And that subtle nod had to remain subtle. Aside from the usual built-in labeling law limitations that go along with packaging alcohol, federal labeling laws strongly prohibit referencing, or depicting anything related to illegal drugs on alcohol packaging. So, in this case, it meant no pot plants, leaves, reefers, blunts, pipes or bongs – nothing fun.”

Silent Pool Gin by Seymourpowell

Simple but undeniably elegant, Silent Pool’s package design really evokes a mental image of the product’s name. Design agency Seymourpowell gave it a translucent blue bottle enhanced by a golden floral motif, perfectly complementing each other.

Niktea by Brandexpert Island of Freedom

Designed by Brandexpert Island of Freedom to stand out from other tea brands on cluttered shelves, these packages for Niktea are definitely eye-catching.

Candela Chocolate Packaging by Infinito

Not that chocolate really even needs fancy labels to get people to eat it, but creating distinctive packaging for these delectable treats has become a major competition between chocolatiers. Sustainable food supplier Candela throws its hat in the ring with a range of designs by Infinito that “promote environmental care and fair trade by showcasing the biodiversity of Peru.”

Cello Garden Soils by Kesko

When you think about it, bags of soil are the perfect place to have imagery of plants. Why don’t more companies take advantage of this opportunity, prompting potential customers to start daydreaming about all the things they could grow? Kesko’s design for Cello Garden Soils really puts a shine on a bag of dirt.