Nothin’ But Net: 12 Slam Dunk Artistic Basketball Court Designs

Stained Glass Basketball Backboards by Victor Solomon

The backboards of these basketball hoops by Victor Solomon are ‘literally balling’ – no, seriously, that’s the name of the series. The artist crafted them with traditional Tiffany-style stained glass over 100 hours, adding hand-woven customized nets and gold-plated rims. The series began as a joke between Solomon and his friends, and resulted in fun works of art that you’d better not hit too hard with that ball when you’re aiming for the hoop.

Hoop Dreams by John Margaritis

Anchored in the ocean without explanation, these basketball hoops confused a whole lot of beach goers during Miami Art Week 2016. Artist John Margaritis made custom bases for the hoops and weighted them with sand bags, set back from the shoreline, so anyone who wanted to play would have to wade into the water.

Library Street Collective’s Basketball Court Murals in Detroit by Ellen Rutt and Patrick Ethen

It’s really a shame that these four incredible side-by-side basketball courts in Detroit, painted by Ellen Rutt and Patrick Ethen, were only temporary. Created as part of a ‘place-making effort’ in the downtown streets in the hopes of encouraging more pedestrian traffic in the central business district, the courts were commissioned by the Library Street Collective.

Basket Tree in Nantes, France by A/LTA Architects

Find standard basketball hoops to be too easy? Maybe you should try your luck at hitting the highest ones on this ‘basket tree’ by A/LTA Architects, positioned in front of the Maison des Homes et des Techniques in Nantes, France. The setup not only allows people to choose whatever hoop fits best – from the smallest to the tallest – but also allow multipe people to play simultaneously, regardless of their size or ability level.