Happier Campers: Take Your Gear to a New Level With These 15 Innovations

Motorcycle Bivouac

The Bivouac tent by Exposed uses your motorcycle for support on one side, reducing the size of the tent and keeping your bike dry at the same time. Adaptable to a wide variety of motorcycle types and sizes, the tent rolls up into a compact package that can be clipped to your handlebars.

FIDA Folding Lounger Mat

Who says you can’t bring a lounger to the backcountry? The FIDA mat by Patrick Frey couldn’t be much simpler, yet it’s so brilliant. The two top corners of the mat clip together to create a rigid point, supporting your back, while the rest of the mat keeps you clean and dry. It’s available for 129 euros (about $150) from VIAL.

Simple nCamp Twig-Burning Stove

Most small portable stoves run on propane or alcohol, requiring you to tote a bottle of fuel along on every trip. Cooking with wood generally means building a full-on campfire, which isn’t appropriate for every setting. The nCamp twig-burning stove finds a happy medium with a collapsible combustion chamber and stand, folding down to the size of a paperback book.

Rhinowolf Tesselating Modular Tents

Each of the individual pods in this Rhinowolf system is fully self-contained, including a tent, air mattress and sleeping bag, capable of being zipped up into its own small one-person unit. But the cool thing about the design is actually that you can zip a bunch of them together to create a larger enclosure when you want to hang out and be social (with the option of zipping yourself back up without moving.) Each one packs down super-small and weighs 5.5 pounds – impressive given its all-in-one design. This tent just finished crowdfunding and should be available to the public by next year.

Trailnest Rooftop Hammock for Your Vehicle

Sleep under the stars, elevated high above all the critters and creepy-crawlers on the ground, with the Trailnest hammock stand, which attaches to the roof of your vehicle. The Trailnest is a flat-folding stand compatible with any hammock that takes just minutes to unfold and get ready for action. Founder Chris Blackthorne came up with the idea after spending a few nights sleeping in the back of his truck in a hot desert, daydreaming about a cooler, more comfortable option.