Book Box Bonanza : 12 Freaky Little Free Libraries

Tanks for the memories? Stereotank created the above Little Free Library from an old water tank set atop a recycled wooden frame. Situated in Manhattan’s Nolita neighborhood, the vaguely War of the Worlds-ish miniature library can hold up to 40 books and, ironically, keep them dry in any kind of weather.

The project was set up by the Architectural League of New York in association with Pen World Voices Festival. Flickr member Tom Fassbender (fordsbasement) captured this mellow yellow Little Free Library for posterity in August of 2013.

Giving A Hoot

What at first glance appears to be a giant crazed squirrel with cringe-worthy dental issues is actually Owlbert Einstein, a Little Free Library on the grounds of Vancouver Self Storage in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. You read that correctly… Owlbert Einstein. Suddenly the thought of a giant crazed squirrel eating all my books doesn’t sound so bad.

News & Used Books

“This little newspaper box hanging around outside of The Roasterie might not be part of the Little Free Libraries initiative,” explains Flickr member Ara Shimoon, “but its existence embodies the plucky nature of Sunnyside,” an inner-city neighborhood in Calgary, Alberta. “It’s not fastened down, has no instructions, yet it is looked after by passers-by and stewarded by it’s fanbase,” adds the photographer. “The books inside are a truly eclectic mix of material.” Much like Sunnysidians, one might say.

Reading The Hive Mind

We like our Little Free Libraries like we like our coffee: covered with bees! In all seriousness, you’d hope the charming folk-art structure doesn’t attract any passing swarms. This honey of a Little Free Library belongs to Laurie Miller of St. Louis, MO., who states “I am a beekeeper so I thought it only natural that I pay homage to the bees! I designed the library, Bob Carmody built it and Greta Van Campen pained the bees!” Er, “pained” the bees? Revealing slip there, Laurie.