For the Love of STEM: 20+ Edible Creations Inspired by Math & Science

Anatomically Correct Human Skulls Made of Chocolate

Who wouldn’t want these skulls? Uk-based chocolatier BlackChocolateCo took a mold from a real human skull and use it to cast solid chocolate life-sized replicas. Astonishingly realistic, they may be a little too grisly for some people to stomach, but they probably taste delicious. They’re available in milk chocolate, dark chocolate or chili chocolate on Etsy.

3D-Printed Living, Sprouting Food

Biology and technology come together in ‘Edible Growth,’ a project by Chloe Rutzerbeld that plants seeds in ‘edible soil’ inside a 3D-printed edible casing. It takes a few days for the seeds and mushrooms to germinate inside, eventually sprouting from openings in the case to deliver a nutritious high-tech snack.

Fractal Fruit

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Mathematical patterns take up residency in the skin or flesh of fruit with such precision, it’s a wonder they weren’t carved by lasers. Japanese artist Gaku works very rapidly to transform a piece of fruit and photograph it before it turns brownA chef by trade, Gaku rarely gets to use his carving skills at work, so he started doing so at home as an artistic practice.

Edible Chocolate LEGOs

Many a budding engineer (and, of course, architect) cut their teeth on LEGOs as a child, developing a love for figuring out the mechanics of fitting things together. Illustrator and designer Akihiro Mizuuchi made moulds of LEGOs so he could recreate them in chocolate and then use the cooled bricks to build fun things. Of course, you’d have to work fast to avoid melting the chocolate with your fingers in the process.