Satan Claus: 10 More Scary & Creepy Santa Statues

Forget lumps of coal, Santa’s delivering lead for Christmas this year and he’s taking no prisoners back to his workshop. This NRA-friendly Santa spends most of the year disguised as a bronze Soviet soldier at the Monument to the Soviet Army in Sofia, Bulgaria.

He was outed, however, on June 17th of 2011 when street artist collective Destructive Creation “colorized” the monument in conjunction with Sofia’s Fourth Annual Pride Parade. You’d better believe Vladimir Putin was NOT filled with the holiday spirit upon seeing the monument’s extremist makeover.

Merry Brex-mas

There’s only one winner in this stare-down contest and the rest of us are losers. Flickr member Brian Connor (Len_Scapov) snapped this huge stylized Santa with enormous, unblinking, kraken-like eyes at Manchester, UK’s outdoor Christmas market back in December of 2007. We imagine the photographer’s still haunted by the experience.

Christmas Treatures

In the name of all that’s holly, WTF?? Meet the cursed love child of Santa Claus, Stimpy, Admiral Ackbar, a sea lamprey and a dentist’s practice model… also known as the Treature from Dallas-based artist Motorbot. You can purchase your very own Treature, including Santa and Bumble, at the Deadbear Studios Online Store. Where’s Hermey the Elf when you need him?