Going In Style: Cute Creative Public Restrooms Of Okinawa

Contemplating elimination? Then seek out the big crustacean! Heh, and you thought the Three Seashells from Demolition Man were a daunting proposition. This colossal crab public restroom in Naha may be showing its age but hey… any port in a storm, amiright?

Stay Glassy

Few public restrooms anywhere in the world can match the subdued yet sublime beauty of this one, located away in the boondocks of Kunigami Forest Park. The secure and handicapped-accessible facility features a pair of spectacular stained glass windows that would be more at home in an art museum instead of an out-of-the-way public toilet.

The pair of glass panels feature two of the island’s endangered bird species: a flightless Okinawa Rail and an Okinawan Woodpecker. Both are depicted in their natural habitats surrounded by lush greenery and, in the second panel, lovely pink cherry blossoms.

In Pods We Trust

We’re not saying all ye who enter these permanent porta-potties should adopt the “flamingo position” but then, we didn’t design these women-only (sorry, guys!) public toilets nor their minimalist magenta graphics. You can find this trio of concrete personal public commodes across from the Nature Museum at Okinawa’s Prefectural Forest Park (Ken-min no Mori), just off Highway 58 between Moon Beach and Nago. When ya gotta go, Nago!