Sensei-tion: Kyoto U’s Much-Defaced Orita Bust

Enough time has passed that these annual faux-Orita busts have become almost ordinary. One may expect to see a new one every February at entrance examination time, when students are highly-stressed and could use a little humor to lighten their moods.

The bust for 2010 featured Takeshi from the Pokemon universe. On this occasion, the advisory sign from school administrators was “adapted” as well, reading: “As Gym Leader of Nibi Gym, Orita Hikoichi-sensei assisted in the raising of Rock-type Pokemon, and is a person who has left behind many achievements in the distribution of Move Machine 34 throughout Kyoto U. Please do not choose Zenigame (aka Squirtle).” Live and learn, students! Flickr member haimatch snapped these images in February of 2010.

Study Well

Can these statues get any more creative? This cool “Mr Contac Cold Pill” figure greeted students who may have felt sick about taking the entrance exam – take a chill pill and try your best! Flickr member nipotan got up close and personal with the bust in 2011; let’s hope they didn’t catch anything.

Consider also the fact that the busts are anything but permanent – one wonders how snow-melt will affect the artwork. Kudos to Flickr members Yuriko IKEDA (lilyfan) and NANKI Haruo (_nanki) for snapping and posting the above pics.

Rest, Resetti, Repeat

2018’s advice to incoming students at Kyoto U is to take a reset – as characterized by this bust of the mole-like Mr. Resetti from the Animal Crossing series of video games.

A photo of the bust taken on a different date appears to offer worried kids a Kit Kat, since the popular chocolate bars are traditionally given to students before important tests and exams. You have to feel for poor old Orita-sensei… or at least, his once-proud bronze bust. Locked away all alone in a dark and dreary basement, he’s missing out on all the fun!