Face Plants: 10 Lifeless Abandoned Garden Centers


“Felindre Garden Centre was a family run garden centre; built in the mid to late 20th century,” states Flickr member Alexander Jones. “The garden centre closed to the public in 2007, and was party demolished.” As we all know, being “party” demolished is the most fun way to be demolished.


Five years of abandonment takes its toll, even without the further depredations of vandals and squatters. The photographer visited what’s left of the Felindre Garden Centre in June of 2012… one would hope he wasn’t thirsty enough to try some of that five-year-old milk.

Rake the Reeves

We wish Flickr member Ryan Feeley would have taken more photos of this abandoned Reeves garden centre but he didn’t, so we’ll go with the single shot above. The photographer captured this neat Canadian moment on June 5th of 2012 and if you don’t like it, well, we’re sorry.

Highs & Lowes

One oft-cited reason for the decline of garden centers is the intrusion into this market niche by big-box home accessories stores like Lowes. Well, it would seem Lowes isn’t immune from the garden center abandonment virus either… could an even bigger big-box store be cramping their style?

Flickr member Pictures Of Nothing snapped these atmospheric shots of an abandoned Lowes in January of 2009. Our small selection of images features the Lowes’ abandoned garden center, where the only thing growing appears to be rust. Can you dig it?