Going green has gone mainstream and with its newfound popularity has come a surge of interest followed by some amazing innovations. From strange green vehicles to creative green roofs, there is no shortage of sustainable design in contemporary society. Beyond the practical green, however, there is some whimsy as well to be found in so-called ‘green art’ as well as amazing tree houses and twisted arbosculptures.

7 Wonders of Modern Green Design (and 15 More Future Wonders of Green Technology) It seems like every week there is a new avante garde green technological innovation or a cutting edge design in the works. Some of these are already reality, some are soon to be and many may never see the light of day but all are in awe-inspiring in their own way.

Urban Skyscraper Farms: A far-out concept or soon to be reality, no one is quite sure what will happen with skyscraper farms in the near future but everyone seems interested in designing one. These could give an entirely new meaning to locally grown food but are also fraught with controversy.

Great Green Roofs: How would you like to have a goat feeding on your roof? Whether useful for shock value and tourist trade or for sustainability and energy reasons, green roofs are on the rise around the world. Here are some examples that range from small to large, intensive to extensive.

Strange Green Vehicles: When most people think of ‘green vehicles’ their minds wander to electric cars, biodiesel fuels and other more practical innovations. These are on the stranger side of things and some don’t really have sustainable benefits but are at least interesting and innovative if nothing else.

Unusual Green Art: Again, this ‘green art’ defies most conventions – it is not necessarily sustainable (though some of it is) though it is all ‘green’ and ‘environmental’ in some abstract form or another. Consider this a way of rethinking what it means to ‘go green’ in our postmodern age.

Creative Green Arbosculpture: Some of these works are intentional and some of them are simply strange natural formations over time. All of these, however, show the amazing versatility of one of the slowest-growing living things on our planet.

Amazing Tree Houses (and More Treehouses): Tree houses aren’t just wooden shacks for children anymore. These days tree house design has been taken in a wide variety of new directions. From cozy lofted habitats to amazing floating branch-mansions here are some examples that span the spectrum of current tree house design.